Rearz Rebel

VAT Exempt

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Size Waist Pack Size Case Size
M - Medium 76-107cm, 30-42-inch Pack of 12 6 Packs of 12
L - Large 91-132cm, 36-52-inch Pack of 12 6 Packs of 12
XL - Extra Large 97-142cm, 38-56-inch Pack of 12 6 Packs of 12


A new revolution in diapers with a unique skull print, first of it's kind on the market. Just trim enough for daytime use, but with a massive capacity that is sure to impress.

Features and Benefits

  • Impressive waistbands
  • 4 new super strong tapes
  • Tall standing leak guards
  • Reinforced frontal panel
  • Thick plastic outer
  • Designed for heavy use

Additional Info

More Information
Unit Qty0
UPCDoes Not Apply
Vat ExemptYes
Family NameRearz Rebel
Item TypeDisposable
ConditionModerate to Heavy Loss, Heavy or Continuous Loss

Warning: This product uses inks that can stain other materials. The effect of baby oil, lotions and similar products can cause ink transfer and the glues within the product to weaken.