Lucky Nappy Packs

VAT Exempt

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Can't decide what you want to try? Let us pick random nappies for you!

We include a mixed range of samples from GetNappied, Tykables, Rearz, MyDiaper, Drylife, Betterdry/Crinklz and many more. Each pack also contains what we call a "Healthcare Nappy" from brands like TENA, Drylife, Molicare and more.

*Please note: Packs are chosen at random and you will recieve 2 of the same design in each pack, 5 designs in total. You will get the same designs if ordering in multiples. If you do not want a type of design or brand this item is not for you, and you may be best selecting directly from our range of samples.

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UPCDoes Not Apply
VAT ExemptYes
Item TypeDisposable
Custom MadeNo

Warning: This product uses inks that can stain other materials. The effect of baby oil, lotions and similar products can cause ink transfer and the glues within the product to weaken.