Forma-care Slip X-Plus

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<th>Pack Size</th>
<th>Case Size</th>
<td><strong>M - Medium</strong></td>
<td>75-110cm, 29-43-inch</td>
<td>Pack of 18</td>
<td>3 Packs of 18</td>
<td><strong>L - Large</strong></td>
<td>110-150cm, 43-59-inch</td>
<td>Pack of 16</td>
<td>3 Packs of 16</td>

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forma-care slips were specially developed for bedridden or severely dependent patients. This is a green slip. The incontinence panties offer the patient more security than with a conventional supply of templates. Forma-care slip has an elastic, impermeable outer film with integrated wetness indicator. The special absorbent core guarantees a high suction power and at the same time prevents rewet. The optimal adaptation to the anatomical conditions make the forma-care incontinence briefs a reliable companion for the care. Water-repellent barriers as leakage protection on the sides prevent the escape of liquid.

The medium slip is blue and the large slip is green.

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