Drylife Pants Super

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Size Waist Pack Size Case Size
S - Small 50-90cm, 20-35 inch Pack of 12 4 Packs of 12
M - Medium 70-120cm, 27-47-inch Pack of 12 6 Packs of 12
L - Large 100-150cm, 39-49 inch Pack of 12 6 Packs of 12
XL - Extra Large 80-134cm, 31-52 inch Pack of 12 4 Packs of 12


Drylife Pants Super are protective disposable pants which help effectively manage moderate to heavy incontinence while benefiting from the look and feel of real underwear. The stay dry layer is kind to skin by moving liquid away from the surface. These pants feature anti-leak guards and pull away sides for easy disposal.

With a high level of absorption, soft elasticated sides, and a comfortable waistband, Drylife Pants Super are the ideal choice to keep you safe and secure.

Features and Benefits

  • Dry feel technology keeps you feeling dry all day long
  • Absorbs around 2000ml
  • Anti-leakage security ensures no leaks and trustworthy security
  • Soft, breathable material provides comfort and keeps skin healthy
  • This product does not contain latex

Additional Info

More Information
UPCDoes Not Apply
VAT ExemptYes
Item TypeDisposable
GenderMale, Female
Custom MadeNo