Suprima BodyGuard Ultra - Waterproof Unisex Fixation Pants

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Size S - Small M - Medium L - Large XL - Extra Large XXL – Double Extra Large
Waist 76-80cm, 30-31.5-inch 80-88cm, 31.5-34.5-inch 86-96cm, 33.5-37.5-inch 88-100cm, 34.5-39.5-inch 92-108cm, 36-42.5-inch
Hip Width 80cm, 31.5-inch 84cm, 33-inch 90cm, 35.5-inch 98cm, 38.5-inch 104cm, 41-inch
Side Seam 9cm, 3.5-inch 10cm, 4-inch 11cm, 4.5-inch 13cm, 5-inch 13cm, 5-inch
Crotch Width 15cm, 6-inch 15cm, 6-inch 15cm, 6-inch 15cm, 6-inch 15cm, 6-inch
Leg Width 56cm, 22-inch 58cm, 22.5-inch 64cm, 25-inch 68cm, 26.5-inch 72cm, 28.5-inch
Front to Back 66cm, 26-inch 68cm, 26.5-inch 72cm, 28.5-inch 78cm, 30.5-inch 82cm, 32-inch


Incontinence is very unpleasant for those affected. The fear of attracting attention because of odour or moisture on clothes often results in social isolation for those affected. The impermeable bodyguard brief for men and women ensures that those affected feel effectively completely protected. This brief is breathable and made of 100% cotton jersey, offering a high degree of wearing comfort to the wearer. Thanks to the surface coated with polyurethane, this incontinence brief is suitable for severe bladder weakness and faecal incontinence. The brief can be worn over diapers, alternatively the disposable material can simply be inserted. Material: 100% cotton-jersey elastic, laminated with PU-membran and polyester-laminating.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for severe bladder weakness and faecal incontinence
  • Moisture-proof
  • Breathable
  • Ultra protection, thanks to new high-tech material
  • Can be worn over incontinence pants and pads

Please note: For hygiene reasons we can’t accept returns for medical or incontinence products where the pack has been opened. Please do not return washable incontinence underwear where the packaging has been opened.

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